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Lessons Learned While Fielding Curve Balls

Confession: the last few months have been hell on wheels in my world.

That may sound a little alarming, given my usual “bright-sider” outlook; so let me assure you that I am fine (which is a relative term, admittedly) AND the “fine-ness” doesn’t negate the challenges that have been thrown my way.

The details don’t matter – mostly because some of them are private and not ones I care to share. That being said, it has been a time to reflect and absorb some learning, and given that my objective is always to be of service, I want to pass that learning on to you. For leaders in particular, knowing how to be with curveballs is essential. So, in no particular order, here are some of the key lessons I’ve gleaned:

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Tracy Harvie
Expanding Your Team? Be Prepared to Do These Things

“It’s time to expand.”

For businesses, organizations and groups, these words are like music to collective ears. When the time for expansion is reached, it usually means growth has happened, impact is being had, and demand for service is great.

These are all coveted markers of success, and worthy of celebration. And when the moment for expansion hits, there are some things you’ve got to be prepared to do, in order to expand and move forward effectively. (The alternative is to expand like a balloon being filled with too much air – trust me, that’s something you want to avoid, unless you relish the sound of things popping or disintegrating!)

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Tracy Harvie
Essential – and Simple – Lessons from my Dad

When I think about the lessons my father has taught me, there’s an interesting thing to note: while my dad was a big believer in the power of teaching, many of the pivotal, indelible lessons were ones that I gleaned by observation. In other words, there are the lessons that my dad consciously sought to teach me, and then there are the ones that he taught me just by being who he was. Both types of lessons had merit; both types of lessons left their mark and helped mould me into the person I am today. Both types of lessons continue to inspire me in the work that I do and the life that I lead.

My personal sense is that my dad has done – and continues to do – a great job of teaching me what I need to know, simply by being who he is. I’m not sure if he’s conscious of this or not. And it doesn’t matter. It’s effective.

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Tracy Harvie