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Leadership & Confidentiality: Should You Keep a Secret?

For as long as I’ve been in the professional world, confidentiality has been a tenet by which I’ve worked. It was something I learned early on – when I first started as a volunteer in the arena of social services. We were all taught the importance – and necessity – of confidentiality, and what it meant for the safety of those whom we served.

The essence of confidentiality is this: there’s some information – usually personal in nature – that is nobody’s business outside of the immediate person or people involved. The concept of holding things in confidence is powerfully engrained in many fields and organizations.

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Tracy Harvie
Is It Time to Ask for Help?

Recently, I had someone contact me for coaching support. This is someone who I’ve known since before I started my company – so over 15 years. While she is aware of what I do as a life and leadership coach, we really haven’t talked about my work – or how it might be of benefit to her.

So I was surprised when she called out of the blue, saying that she wanted to hire me.

Turns out, she’s been feeling the need for coaching support for a few years now – you read that right, a few YEARS. From a space of curiousity, I asked her what the catalyst was for her to finally make the call? Her answer? Things had reached a critical, breaking point with respect to her leadership.


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Tracy Harvie
Leadership, Life Purpose and Doing What You Love

From time to time, everybody questions why they’re here on earth.  It’s an indicator of evolution as a human being:  the question of how to be productive, how to contribute to society, how to make a difference in the world will always arise at some point.

Often – and particularly for leaders – this question is linked to “finding a career-path”.  It’s time to bust some myths in this regard.  I want to lay waste to some common misconceptions that abound when it comes to

a) figuring out your life purpose and
b) determining what career path you’re meant to follow.

Here’s what I’ve come to know for sure. 

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Tracy Harvie
Communication: Why Is It So Challenging?

Recently, I’ve noticed that communication seems to be the most prevalent challenge for groups, organizations and systems of all kinds. Every week I’m fielding calls from potential clients, all wanting to know how to elevate communication – and mitigate the fallout of poor communication – within their teams.

The solution is actually surprisingly simple. Sometimes, folks don’t like to hear that – and it’s true. Let’s start at the beginning.

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Tracy Harvie
Leadership and Managing Your Email Inbox

Email. One might argue that it is the gift and curse of modern-day communication.

Particularly since the advent of smartphones and tablets, emails have made all of us available 24/7, at least theoretically. Heck, let’s be honest; there is an expectation that is held by many, that we will actually be available 24/7 in practical terms. Talk about a recipe for overwhelm – and inevitable failure when it comes to relationships. Because the truth is, you can’t be available 24/7 – or if you are, you are paying a heavy price.

The question that arises, then, is this: how do we navigate email, professionally, courteously, and with boundaries?

The answer lies in understanding the purpose of communication in general. Often, we think of communication as a means to disseminate information, to share our thoughts and ideas, right?

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Tracy Harvie