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Team Coaching

...everyone has within them the capacity to lead, and any organization or community is most dynamic, most alive, and most productive when there is a commitment to leadership at every level.
— Karen and Henry Kimsey-House, Co-Active Leadership: 5 Ways to Lead

In this day and age, leadership is not limited to the one or two folks “at the top”. In fact, in progressive organizations, there is no “top” – organizational structures are less pyramidal and more flat in nature. This means that leadership is something that happens laterally, often as a team approach. Team members need, therefore, to simultaneously leverage their unique strengths and lead towards a common objective.

When you engage with me to deliver leadership team coaching, our overall objective (that’s right, it’s a shared objective between your leadership team and me!) is helping individuals know and play to their strengths, while finding effective ways to lead as a collective. Through a unique blend of individual and group coaching, leadership teams discern priorities, identify challenges, develop plans and implement strategies all in service of a mutually agreed upon, shared vision. When we can cultivate a culture of collaboration – built on a foundation of true connection and meaningful conversation – leadership magic is what happens. There’s no other way to describe it (and truthfully, seeing this sort of magic at work gives me goose bumps, every time!)


“The name of Gail's business says what you need to know about her:
stellar coach, colleague and leader. Her heart, passion, grace and know-how are an amazing
and powerful combination one on one or in groups. Her own drive for learning and growth is matched
with her desire for positive results for her clients and colleagues. Whether you are
looking for a coach, speaker or trainer, you'll be assured of integrity and quality with Gail!” 

~ Hanna Cooper  |  MPH, PCC, CPCC, ORSCC