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Training and Speaking

Impossible is not a’s an opinion. What’s impossible only remains so until someone finds a way to do what others are sure can’t be done.
— Anthony Robbins

Relatable. Approachable. Practical. Unconventional.

These are the qualities that make my particular approach to presentations magical. When blended with my objective of taking the complexity out of the world of leadership, you’ve got access to a suite of keynotes, workshops and trainings that is engaging, interactive, and transformative for participants.

Keynotes and Workshops: 
Sometimes, you just want your folks to hear an inspiring message. If you have an upcoming conference or event and find yourself in need of a speaker who’s different from the norm, let’s talk. Whether it’s about Decision-Making, Communication, Teamwork, or Leadership & Life Balance, I will deliver a message that has your audience re-engaged, re-ignited and re-inspired to lead meaningfully.  


Signature Training:
 “Leadership Simplified” is a Signature training programme specifically designed for leadership teams. This 4-part workshop series focuses on the core elements of leadership, supporting participants in understanding the correlation between these elements and their own effectiveness as leaders. This series is delivered in a tailored approach to your organization, making the content relevant for your specific leadership teams and scenarios.


I’ve attended a number of workshops of a similar nature; yours blew them all out of the water!”
~ Brian M.  |  “Communicating with Confidence” workshop participant

“(Leadership Simplified series) is efficient in its delivery and really gets to the heart of matters.”
~ John F.  |  “Leadership Simplified” participant/company President