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1:1 Coaching

We do not coach for a problem to be solved, we coach for a life to be lived.
— Jim Patterson

Usually, when a leader or aspiring leader chooses to work with me one on one, it’s because on some level they’re feeling called to something more and they’re not sure how to get there. They’ve got a sense that their personal leadership journey is ready to be elevated into a new realm – and they’re looking for support to make that happen.

Individual coaching is where you make yourself and your leadership a priority  – taking dedicated time on a regular basis to focus on you, explore what’s working and what isn’t, and develop action plans that are both easy to implement and sustainable in terms of the change that you create (because what’s the point of creating change, if you’re just going to slip back into the way things were??).

Individual coaching is about reconnecting with the things that matter, and finding ways to breathe renewed energy into YOUR leadership, so that you can in turn ELEVATE your leadership.

There’s nothing cookie-cutter about this coaching; it’s fully tailored to who you are and how you want to show up in the world.

 It’s about having you reconnect with the BEING of your leadership, knowing that as you do so, the required actions will become apparent.

 It’s about helping you to lead at the work that you love, while loving the life that you lead.



"When I started with Gail, I was burnt out. Hopeless from trying anything I could think of to
restart my entrepreneurial engine.  Within 2 sessions, my fire was re-ignited. Together she helped
me rediscover clarity not only in my business model and how to continue growing in it, but also balancing

it with my personal life.  After a year of working together, the whole face of my business changed.
My income increased, my team grew collaboratively WITHOUT draining me, and I felt re-ignited.
I also had MORE time with my family, and for myself."

~ Mandy Kuelz  |  Vice President Sales Leader, Norwex Canada