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What Matters Now

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Busy. Hurried. Harried. Pulled in a million directions. No matter who you are, you can probably relate to these words and phrases in some capacity. The pace of our modern world is so frantic and frenzied that for many people, being overwhelmed is simply par for the course. In What Matters Now, Gail Jacob Barker shatters myths about the nature of life and invites readers to find a new, less stressful way to live. No matter the challenge, no matter the dilemma, no matter the era, Barker suggests that there is a simple paradigm that takes away a sense of burden and replaces it with a sense of ease. Using her own life experiences as a guide, she provides concrete, easy-to-implement strategies and ideas for filtering through the complexities and challenges of life-no matter what you’re facing.


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The Life Altering CD – It’s Your Life; Create It!

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On this CD, Gail talks you through the 4 key steps to creating life on your terms!

  • Clarify YOUR Values
  • What Matters to YOU?
  • Learn to Stand In Choice
  • Reconstruct Your Reality
  • Recognize & Embrace YOUR Power (It’s a Good Thing!)

Narrated in Gail’s signature warm, engaging and thought-provoking style, each track of this recording will leave you excited about living the life you REALLY want for yourself, and recognizing that you really can do it, with ease! This CD is the perfect introduction to take your life from where it is right now, and shift it into how you want it to be going forward!


What I create

Like any successful entrepreneur, I’m always translating my thoughts and ideas in to products and resources for my clients. To date, this includes an e-book and an mp3 recording, both designed to support you in actively designing life on your terms. As part of my overall vision, I anticipate the creation of more e-books, books, audio recordings and videos to share. If there’s a particular product that you feel would be of value, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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