As a leader you’ve got a myriad of challenges to navigate and address moment to moment, day to day.  Having coaching support as you work to lead on a daily basis can make the essential difference between basic leading, and inspirational leading.  The former leaves those around you unsure of what you’re up to; the latter has those same people clamoring to accept your invitation and take up your cause, whatever it might be.

Through Stellar Coaching & Consulting, Gail Barker offers leadership coaching support as follows.

Executive/Leadership Coaching: Individual coaching with a leadership focus. Perfect for you if you are currently in a senior management role or transitioning into one, executive/leadership coaching allows those of you who are leaders in companies, corporations and organizations to discover and access your unique leadership skills and therefore lead teams effectively.  Oftentimes, the pressure of needing “to be seen as a leader” stops you from addressing challenges and concerns constructively within the confines of the work environment.  The safety found in a confidential coaching alliance allows you to be human in your leadership — you can face your challenges head-on and find solutions for whatever those might be.

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What I provide

I created Stellar Coaching & Consulting to provide a wide array of resources for women leaders. These include a range of coaching services for individuals, teams, and leaders, as well as a variety of presentation topics in either keynote or workshop formats. I also share insights, learnings and tools through my blog posts, articles, tweets and other social media sites. All of these services and supporting resources are anchored in the fundamental premise that possibilities abound when you live by active choice rather than by passive default.


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